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Showtime’s Masters of Sex has enlisted a Breaking Bad favorite. Betsy Brandt has boarded the second season of the Showtime drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Brandt will recur and play Barbara, new secretary to Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen). She fills the role previously held by Margo Martindale’s Miss Horchow, who guest-starred in the series premiere, and Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Libby, who temporarily filled in as his secretary in season one. (via)

It’s a teaser for Penny Dreadful! You know, the “psychosexual horror” (what?) Showtime series premiering in May! It’s a little creepy, confirms our suspicions that Josh Hartnett is indeed still alive and working, and haha sorry, I still can’t get past the “psychosexual horror” description. 

Who does Dana think she is chin acting like that?

Watch the pilot of Masters of Sex online right now

Masters of Sex is Showtime’s upcoming drama about the research team of Masters and Johnson (and based on the book by Thomas Maier). It’s a highly anticipated addition to the Showtime lineup, especially now that Dexter is almost finished (thankfully, I should add, because that show took such a deep nosedive in quality that the awfulness of the final season is almost impressive).

Masters of Sex hasn’t even premiered yet but it’s already a standout on the network and I can easily see it becoming a hit. The pilot is funny, smart, and weirdly sexy. Lizzy Caplan, as always, is flawless and we’re all so helplessly in love with her. In fact, the entire cast is great: Michael Sheen, Beau Bridges, Allison Janney, and Margo Martindale are just a handful.

The series premieres September 29th (and we’ll have more thoughts on the pilot then) but you can watch it via youtube right now

Homeland Season 3 Trailer

Homeland returns for season 3 September 29th at 9PM

On the one hand, I’m really excited about this because my teen self wants nothing more than to see Josh Hartnett in a horror drama on a weekly basis. On the other hand his character is described as “charming and brash but there are demons behind his eyes” and Eva Green’s is “enigmatic with haunted eyes and utterly composed” and that just sounds awful. 

Important Apps Dexter uses: FriendZone.

Tig Notaro, a comedian that you should definitely familiarize yourself with, is performing in homes across the country this August for a show that’s being produced by Showtime. Everyone should apply and, if you’re accepted, invite TV Hangover to attend.

We’d watch Lizzy Caplan in anything, but we’d especially watch her pair up with Michael Sheen for Showtime’s upcoming series Masters of Sex

Ray Donovan, a new Showtime series from the creator of Southland, doesn’t premiere until June 30th but you can watch the pilot episode right now.