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We know it’s a month into summer, but we are just getting around to starting our Summer TV Club. We had fun watching The O.C. last summer until we got bored or busy or drunk or something to finish and this summer will probably be no different. For the last six weeks or so of summer join us in rewatching ABC’s Lost. Lost premiered 10 years ago on September 22, 2004. Can you believe it’s been that long? It’s all on Netflix so it should be relatively easy viewing for most. We’ll be posting all our favorite moments, commentary, articles, guest posts (if you have something you’d like to share get at us), drinking games, and more.

Remember when Jack first saw Kate and you knew they were MTB. Shannon was still sun tanning near the plane wreckage, before she and Sayid became an item. Boone was still alive. You didn’t know the Tailies or the Others or the Smoke Monster. Walt was still a little boy. Remember when you first heard Sun speak English and how you’re still not over that final scene in the submarine (I am not over that). Was Kate & Jack your favorite couple or was it Kate & Sawyer or maybe was it Juliet & Sawyer? Did you hate or love the ending? Will we even make it that far in our rewatch? I’m barely even scraping the surface here, so it was inevitable that we had to go back.

Tell us your favorite moments on Twitter or Facebook, tag your posts Summer TV Club, comment, email, or whatever you feel like doing - which could be nothing at all, that’s cool too.

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer

Orange is the New Black Season 2 Teaser

Season 2 premieres on June 6. 

AHHHH! Pornstache taking off his glasses, Red turning slowly, Nicky’s eyebrows, Daya at the juice machine, Crazy Eyes being Susan. 

The series centers on a family of adult siblings whose secrets and scars come to light with the return of their black sheep brother.

Chandler will play John, the married middle brother who takes care of the family who is described as the kind of responsible guy who would work in law enforcement and the opposite of his older, black-sheep brother Danny.

House of Cards Season 2 Trailer

(Turns to Camera) Holy shit. Can we give Emmys to trailers?

We’ve been a bit about Buffy lately and now that Halloween is almost here it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the scariest sci-fi/fantasy TV episodes of all time

'Hush' is definitely one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s best episodes and ranks #2 on this list just after The X-Files ‘Home’ episode. Buffy is available to stream on Netflix Instant and this should be required viewing to get you ready for Halloween.

The third season of The Walking Dead is now available to watch on Netflix Instant. You have until October 13th to relive the series or live through for the first time before the fourth season begins.

I know everyone is sad about King of the Hill leaving Netflix, but here are some of October’s new TV arrivals to hold you over.

  • The 7th season of 30 Rock was the final season but it’s practically flawless and will make you miss the show that much more
  • The 9th season of The Office is also its last and can get a little rough but thankfully there are glimmers of the show’s glory days
  • The 8th season of How I Met Your Mother where we finally met the mother! ..And then realized there’s another season left of this crap
  • The 5th season of Parks and Recreation was shaky at times but ultimately it was good, sweet, and extremely laugh-out-loud funny
  • The 4th season of Parenthood, which is very underrated show but oh so perfect to watch on lazy days when you want to cry a lot

Netflix’s Spoiler Foiler will black out any tweets with “danger words” that could possibly spoil Breaking Bad.

Speaking of Scandal, season 2 is now available on Netflix instant.