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Who does Dana think she is chin acting like that?

Homeland Season 3 Trailer

Homeland returns for season 3 September 29th at 9PM

Two story lines in Homeland that need to go away or get resolved quickly.

Brody and Carrie need to stop their romance. I am not sure if it’s just me, but whenever I see the two of them kissing I get so annoyed and fast forward through their scenes. Wrap this up fast please Homeland writers.

The romance/hit & run between the two teenagers needs to go away forever. It’s just an awful story line and completely unnecessary, unless I am missing something central to the overall story, but I don’t think so. Send them off to separate boarding schools and let’s just see them in 2 minute phone call scenes. Thank you.

So much chin. So many Emmys.

Homeland Season 2 Trailer.

One of the best new series on television is back September 30th and with it the best chin actress.

All the awards in face acting belong to Claire Danes.

Also, all the actual awards.

Claire Danes: chin acting since 1994.