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Just in case you wanted an update on your favorite Greek actors: Beaver returned to his ABC Family roots and popped up in the very last minute of Twisted, a not-so-great teen mystery drama involving graveyard make-out sessions and a ridiculous obsession with an ugly necklace. 

Greek stars keep making appearances on our favorite TV shows. Amber Stevens was on this week’s episode of Ben & Kate.

Continuing our search for Greek cast members on other shows: Evan Chambers on The Newsroom. 

Different show, same rich asshole. 

Our ongoing search for Greek alumni in other shows continues: Katherine Parker was in Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23

Update on our ongoing search for Greek alumni in other shows: Beaver popped up on the latest episode of Best Friends Forever.

Our ongoing search for actors from Greek appearing on other TV shows continues: The Beaver on Glee.

This week’s episode of The New Girl is another installment of our ongoing game of spotting actors from Greek in other shows.

Your update on the Greek cast: Beaver was interrogated on Criminal Minds and Ashleigh went on a date with Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

Friends With Benefits was good at casting our favorite actors from Greek but not much else.

Guest post: This chart was created by one of readers, Gabi, and not only does it accurately sum up ABC Family’s programming, but it’s also incredibly relevant to all of our interests here at TV Hangover.