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Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer

Inside Amy Schumer, the most sneakily feminist show on TV.

In its second season, Inside Amy Schumer has become the most consistently feminist show on television, a sketch comedy series in which nearly every bit is devoted in some capacity to gender politics. But Schumer channels her perspective through an onscreen persona that is insecure, self-proclaimedly slutty, crass, selfish, glossy—onscreen, Amy Schumer thinks feminism is the ultimate F word. Thus a sketch like the focus group, in which Schumer, the writer, tackles her objectification, while Schumer, the character, takes comfort in it. This pairing is extremely canny. Schumer hides her intellect in artifice and lip gloss—that’s how she performs femininity. By wrapping her ideas in a ditzy, sexy, slutty, self-hating shtick, her message goes down easy—and only then, like the alien, sticks its opinionated teeth in you. (via)

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer ‘Secrets’

Premieres Sunday April 6 at 9pm.

Orphan Black Season 2 Trailer is finally here!!

Premieres Saturday April 19 at 9/8c on BBC America.

Every so often my two boys will start watching a new cartoon and as a parent who is obsessed with TV I need to keep in the loop. They lead me to watch such great shows as Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and Steven Universe. The latest show in their rotation is Nickelodeon’s Sanjay and Craig.

Produced by Pete And Pete co-creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the show tells the story of an Indian-American boy, Sanjay, and his best friend, Craig. The two go on a series of adventures, all predicated on and hindered by the fact that Craig is a snake. The Calvin And Hobbes-like dynamic makes for tons of wacky adventures: In the first episode, the two protagonists attempt to witness a butt transplant and try to find new laughs after being convinced that theirs are the worst. So, yeah, it’s pretty weird and juvenile—but in a great way.

Voiced by Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock’s Jonathan) and Chris Hardwick respectively, Sanjay and Craig are an incredibly endearing twosome. They have secret conferences inside Sanjay’s shirt and a giggly language that, while it’s clearly just meant for the two of them, is easily grasped by anyone jumping into the series. The series’ ancillary characters, like Sanjay’s doctor mom or the duo’s pageant-girl neighbor, Megan (Linda Cardellini), are also pretty great. Sanjay and Craig also have a weird neighbor, Mr. Noodman (Tony Hale), who hates snakes and wants to kill Craig, but the threat never gets so serious as to endanger either Craig or any of the show’s action. (via)

New episodes air on Saturdays and the show has already been renewed for a second season. If you’re looking for a place to start my boys told me their favorite episodes are ‘Laked Nake’ and ‘Fart Baby’. Sanjay and Craig should be in your TV viewing rotation.

Our Firefly party is THIS Friday! Come to Videology for drinking games, trivia, and aim to misbehave. We still have a few tickets left so get them while you can.
February 28th at 8:00pmVideology Bar308 Bedford Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Our Firefly party is THIS Friday! Come to Videology for drinking games, trivia, and aim to misbehave. We still have a few tickets left so get them while you can.

February 28th at 8:00pm
Videology Bar
308 Bedford Ave. 
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Orange is the New Black Season 2 Teaser

Season 2 premieres on June 6. 

AHHHH! Pornstache taking off his glasses, Red turning slowly, Nicky’s eyebrows, Daya at the juice machine, Crazy Eyes being Susan. 

TV Hangover’s favorite new show is Broad City and we hope you are all watching it.

The show airs on Wednesdays at 10:30pm on Comedy Central.

Linda Belcher is the best and so is this supercut.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer.

Premieres April 6 at 9PM.