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Greek stars keep making appearances on our favorite TV shows. Amber Stevens was on this week’s episode of Ben & Kate.

This entire week is basically just the internet walking around dejectedly and kicking rocks at railroad tracks while we all impatiently wait for Breaking Bad but in the meantime, here are some things to temporarily occupy your mind:

  • You can now watch the pilot for The New Normal on NBC’s website. It’s definitely not my favorite new show so far (okay, fine, it’s my least favorite but only because I haven’t seen The Neighbors yet) but what else are you going to do for twenty minutes? Something that doesn’t involve broad stereotypes, unforgivable dialogue, and a token sassy black woman? That’s cool, I guess.
  • Or, if you somehow missed them yesterday, you can head over to Hulu (which has been awesome lately) and watch the pilots for The Mindy Projectwhich was slightly disappointing but maybe it’ll pull a New Girl and get better, or Ben and Kate, which was surprisingly enjoyable and so charming that I didn’t mind the pilot predictability.
  • The AV Club has been reviewing Home Movies which you should definitely read —and also [re]watch the series via Netflix Instant. It’s a show that goes well with the transition from summer into fall, a time that most people associate with growing up, because it’s one of the smartest and most honest shows I’ve ever watched about childhood.
  • That said, it makes sense that Home Movies co-creator Loren Bouchard went on to create Bob’s Burgers. All of the Belcher children are fantastic but Tina is, hands down, my favorite adolescent character to pop up on television in years“Uhhh…”: Negotiating Tina Belcher’s Sexuality is an interesting article that you should read so we can all sit around and discuss Tina for hours. 

Also up on Hulu: The pilot for Ben and Kate which, thank god, is no longer titled Ben Fox Is My Manny.