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I have always considered JJ Abrams to be my ex-boyfriend. He’s hurt me in the past and I know he is bad for me, but I keep coming back for more because ugh, he just knows me so well. Revolution, much like Lost and Alias, is trying to be everywhere at once. Covering all the bases while always keeping you guessing about what the underlying mystery is. This makes for an interesting episode, but as we know from Lost, it ultimately leads to confusing storylines and a lot of unanswered questions.

Despite my vow to never watch or discuss Lost again, I was excited to watch Revolution last year.  It is, of course, a very interesting concept: What would the world would be like if lost electricity an could never have it again? But it is a concept confused by endless cliffhangers, “and then” plot twists, and characters that you get attached to but then are immediately killed (miss you, love you, Iranian archer girl. You seemed awesome. Wish you didn’t have to die 15 minutes after we met you).

When season one ended, Aaron and Rachel were in the tower (the Revolution version of the Lost hatch) flipping the power back on only to have nuclear bombs fly at currently warring capital cities Philadelphia and Atlanta. Now, in season two, both cities are destroyed and we are currently dealing with the fallout of the nuclear fallout. Monroe has lost his army and is now much more compelling. Charlie is still sweaty but not doing that scowling thing all the time which is refreshing.

All in all I think that I might prefer post we-must-get-the-lights-back-on Revolution. By taking The Monroe Nation out of the equation, we now have a chance to focus on all of the characters that are still alive plus actually getting somewhere in this post apocalyptic landscape.

I call shenanigans, Revolution.  I’m pretty sure it would take longer than an hour and 45 minutes for eight people and four torches to start running out of oxygen in a CAVERNOUS TUNNEL THAT ONCE CARRIED TRAINS AND PROBABLY HAS SEVERAL OTHER TUNNELS BRANCHING OFF IT THAT WE CAN’T SEE. OTHERWISE WHY WOULD MYLES AND THAT OTHER GUY WHO IS ALREADY DEAD BE COMPARING MAN PARTS ABOUT WHO KNOWS THE SUBWAY TUNNELS BEST. Also I’m pretty sure that you would know you were suffocating before you started having hallucinations about how tortured you are. But I live in an electric world still, so what do I know from trouble. 

The pilot for JJ Abrams’ Revolution starring Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring from Breaking Bad), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost), and some other people is available to watch on Hulu now.