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Seven Minutes in Heaven: Luther

You know how if you leave a candy bar out in the heat it melts and gets all gooey and melty, but is still delicious?  You know how sometimes in cupcakes you bite it and omg there is cream or some filling inside and you’re like “This is the best cupcake ever!” You know how you take that first bite of a pizza and it’s the most wonderful moment you’ve ever had and then the second bite and third are just as good as the first and you wonder how you are going to go on once you finish the slice?  I could really go on forever, but let’s talk about Luther now shall we?  He’s like that gooey, melty chocolate and that secret cream filling, and that first bite of pizza.  That seven minutes in the closet with Luther would be like eating the best foods in the world.  You don’t want to finish the food because it will be gone and you may never get food that perfect again. Those seven minutes may never happen again and probably won’t (since this is all in our imagination) so take in every second.  Lick that gooey melty chocolate, taste that cream, and take that bite of pizza.  This will be the most filling seven minutes in heaven you have ever had, plus that accent is like a to-go bag.

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    Pretty fucking accurate. Watch this show. Now.
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