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Did you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy while watching The Michael J. Fox Show? Did you love that Marie didn’t just wear purple? Did you love that Bunk wasn’t drunk? Nevermind that last one, everyone loves a drunk Bunk.

I wish the episode wasn’t centered around a movie project the daughter was working on for school, even if the ending credits to her film were slightly amusing. The viewers deserve much better than that from The Michael J. Fox Show. I think we want this show to be great - to be the next Family Ties or Spin City.

The thing I took away from the pilot was that while the jokes weren’t that great and everyone acting (at least the leads) seemed much better than their material I felt like there is promise of a better show in there. There are all the right things in place for this to be a great show: the likable lead character overcoming a problem (Parkinsons), a smart & sarcastic wife, three kids, an aunt, coworkers, a boss, and Matt Lauer. Those things just aren’t there yet, but I have a feeling they will be soon enough.

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