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My plan wasn’t just to show it to executives, but to show it to the world so that the people could have a voice in this as well.” -Lena Waithe

I’m sure many of you have seen people talking about Lena Waithe recently and perhaps you’ve seen some of the other work she’s done (Dear White People). Maybe you haven’t - you should change that. I watched the four part pilot presentation and it wasn’t until the fourth part that I was completely sold. Now don’t confuse that statement, I really loved and laughed at the first three parts, but it’s (intentionally) in the fourth part where we see the heart of the show, the honesty, the realness. 

Waithe wrote & created TWENTIES, a single camera comedy about three black women in their twenties, and shopped it around to networks.

A lot of networks read the script and loved it, but they either thought there wasn’t an audience for it or that it already existed. Of course I became extremely frustrated because I knew neither of those things were true. So I realized I had to show these network executives that TWENTIES was one of a kind and that there was nothing on TV like it. And I figured the best way to do that was to shoot a pilot presentation, which meant we would shoot a few pivotal scenes from the script, edit them together, and give people a sense of how the show would look and feel. Lucky for me, Justin Simien (writer/director DEAR WHITE PEOPLE) offered to direct it and Flavor Unit was willing to pay for it. Now I had the opportunity to show people what I was going for instead of trying to explain it to them. My plan wasn’t just to show it to executives, but to show it to the world so that the people could have a voice in this as well. And just so we’re clear: this is not a web series! I repeat this is not a web series. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing a web series. I’ve done one. My goal is to partner with a network that understands what I’m going for.

Spread the word about this show.

The good news is I don’t want your money. There’s no Kickstarter or IndieGoGo attached to this project. All we want you to do is commit to sharing TWENTIES with twenty of your friends. The more you spread the word the better chance we have of getting it on TV. We’ll keep pitching. You keep sharing. Let’s do this!

Click through to watch.

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