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Imagine Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess completely stripped of even the pretense of being polite to anyone for any reason and you've got this delightful old cutthroat, played with deadpan panache by leather-catsuit legend Diana Rigg. In short order she insults Renly, her son, her dead husband, her female friends and relatives and handmaidens, the Lannisters, the waiter – pretty much everyone but the three women sitting at the table, talking treason about the King. Sansa's white-knuckle terror over the very idea of saying something negative about Joffrey for others to hear is so obvious you want to reach through the screen and wrap her in a blanket or something (man, Sophie Turner rules), which only proves how fearless and confident Lady Olenna is in her own security and power. She's rich, powerful, well-connected, intelligent, and just plain out of fucks to give. They say the graveyards of the world are full of indispensable men, but she's not a man, is she? What a thrill to watch three females decide their own fates for a change. (via)

Lady Olenna Tyrell is scarier than the White Walkers.

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    Diana Rigg, still awesome!
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    Still don’t know what’s better: The Queen of Thorns and the Spider, or the Queen of Thorns and the Warden of the West
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