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Waking up on the couch with an empty DVR & trying to understand what the hell we watched last night.
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"I was talking with a TV critic when the show was on the air. We were discussing the episode ‘I’m With the Band’ — this is when the Nick character auditions as a group’s drummer. Nick is terrible and embarrasses himself in front of Lindsay, the girl he wants to impress. And the critic said to me, ‘When Nick walked into that audition, I had to leave the room. I knew everything was going to go wrong, and I couldn’t deal with it.’

I remember when the movie Independence Day was coming out. I was sitting in a theater, and the preview for that movie came on. And it showed a huge spaceship blowing up the White House. I remember thinking, Well, this is going to be the biggest movie ever. It hit the pleasure center of the audience’s brains. The problem with Freaks and Geeks was that it didn’t hit that pleasure center. It played in the pain center.” - Paul Feig

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    Freaks & Geeks was such a perfect show. I remember when it aired (1999) discussing with some of my younger-ish profs how...
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    So accurate. This show hurts so much, it feels good. It doesn’t give you what you want, but you have to continue...
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    ^ i’ve never agreed with anything more! (maybe an overstatement) but, despite adoring every freaks and geeks episode...
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    “I was talking with a TV critic when the show was on the air. We were discussing the episode ‘I’m With the Band’ — this...
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    always been in love with him.
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