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Waking up on the couch with an empty DVR & trying to understand what the hell we watched last night.
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"What’s great about the geek spirit is that all of life’s obstacles never seem to stop us, and they never seem to kill our enthusiasm, our optimism and our hunger to experience the world. If the world knocks us down, we just get up (albeit slowly sometimes), brush ourselves off, regroup and try again. We keep our sense of humor, we protect our dignity, we talk to our friends about the experience and then we start again fresh the next day. And from this we grow and understand how the world works and eventually figure out how to find our place and our happiness. And even then, we never stop trying to make it all better. And that, my friends, is the Freaks and Geeks way.” - Paul Feig, creator.

It’s October and the weather on the East Coast is finally catching up. It’s a great month for hooded sweatshirts and reliable boots, for having fun outdoors without shivering or sweating excessively, and for enjoying the time before winter creeps up on you. But sometimes October is that month when you’re suddenly behind in your schoolwork, when you’re panicking about the SAT, and applying to colleges. October is when the end of your six-month deferment is nearing and you have to start paying off your student loan. It’s when you decide to start looking into graduate schools and when you’re working your first post-collegiate job and feeling nostalgic for dorm rooms and weekday drinking. It’s when you start feeling overwhelmed because life is kicking your ass and you’re exhausted and for some reason there are always wet leaves on your kitchen floor. In short? It’s a good time to slow down, watch every episode of Freaks and Geeks again, and remind yourself that if Sam can catch that dodgeball at least once, then so can you.

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    “What’s great about the geek spirit is that all of life’s obstacles never seem to stop us, and they never seem to kill...
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    Oh god, love this. Freaks and Geeks is one of my favorite shows and I strongly encourage watching it!
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    Truth. Love. Dodgeball.
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