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TGIF TV Hangover Party!
Friday, June 20 at 8 PM, Videology Bar in Brooklyn

We’re celebrating the ’90s TGIF Friday lineup (and the strange Girl Meets World spinoff that’s premiering this month)! Boy Meets WorldFamily MattersCluelessSabrina the Teenage Witch, etc. Let us know which episodes/shows you want to watch! 

As always, drinking games and trivia all night. Maybe we’ll get drunk enough to draw hearts on our faces with lipstick or practice some teen magic! 

Tickets are $5 and available here.

Gillian Jacobs joins season four of Girls.

Gillian Jacobs will play a recurring character in the fourth season of Girls, reports TVLine. The publication says Jacobs will first appear in episode five and is apparently playing a character named “Mimi-Rose.” (Fittingly, episode five is also called “Mimi-Rose,” and maybe the show will just be all about Gillian Jacobs doing stuff now?) Jacobs is the first cast member of Community to score a major role in the aftermath of that series’ cancellation, and she’s, oddly enough, the second Community cast member to appear on Girls, after Donald Glover’s two-episode stint back in season two. (via)

We at TV Hangover love a Mad Men theory & here’s a great one from Pajiba:

I’ve watched the odd 9-second scene near the end of the episode with Bonnie and Megan on a plane that ends with the stewardess closing the curtain about 14 times now. I can only draw one conclusion from it, and it’s the most obvious one: That it was the concluding part of Bonnie and Megan’s performance in Mad Men. Megan may come back for a brief encore, but that curtain closing finally signaled the end of the marriage. I suspect that Megan came to the final conclusion that she should leave Don when one of the secretaries at the beginning of the episode mentioned to Megan that she didn’t know Don was married. In other words, Don didn’t consider her family enough to mention it around the office.

There were other clues that Megan had left Don beyond the heavy-handed curtain metaphor. For instance, the fact that she decided to take all of her clothes with her back to Los Angeles, and the fact that she didn’t want Don coming back to Los Angeles to visit her (perhaps because she’s shacked up with someone else). Most telling of all, however, was the strange appearance of the newspaper in Don’s bedroom from the day after JFK was assassinated.

What happened in the JFK Assassination episode of Mad Men, “The Grown Ups”? Betty finally mustered the courage to leave Don.



Our next TV Hangover party will be May 16 at 8pm. It’s graduation themed (I am not entirely sure what that means yet) and we’ll be watching our favorite silly Degrassi episodes. Drinking games, Degrassi trivia, prizes, etc. Because every Degrassi episode is my favorite Degrassi episode, we’re letting you guys vote on which ones you want to watch. If your favorite isn’t on the list, add it in! 

$5 — buy a ticket here so you don’t get sold out!
May 16, 8pm at Videology
308 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 

Reminder: Our Degrassi party is tomorrow and we still have some tickets left! We’re giving away cool Degrassi #swag and have a few awesome surprises in store. You don’t want to miss it!

Of all the trailers starting to trickle out for the Fall 2014 season, Fox’s The Last Man On Earth is the most exciting to me. The fact that the trailer can stand alone as a short little film is perfect and, I mean, Will Forte is brilliant. Fox seems to be going out on a limb with this series and I for one am into this. So, good on you Fox - at least until we actually see the pilot.

Cougar Town hasn’t felt the same since it moved to TBS (though it’s still a funny and enjoyable watch) so this final season is probably for the best. Good to know that the writers are at least aware of this end date so they can end the show how they want.

Yes. Good choice, Comedy Central, A+

And yet, before Catfish premiered on MTV in 2012 and as a feature-length documentary in 2010, there was a quiet shame surrounding extreme cases of digital love — stuff like the Manti Te’o controversy, in which involved parties dropped those three magical words before meeting face to face (or, hell, even before FaceTiming.) With the premiere of Catfish: The TV Show came a full array of representations of this blind love: spanning sexual orientation, location, ethnicity, and age. Everyone has a reason for taking to the web to find and maintain love. They’re all remarkably different reasons, and none of them are just because the people in question are sad nerds in their mother’s basement.

‘True Detective’ of the Web: ‘Catfish’ Creators Nev Schulman and Max Joseph on Solving the Mysteries of Online Love – Flavorwire

Catfish is a secret favorite at TV Hangover and this revealing interview with Nev and Max is sometimes uncomfortable, always fascinating, and definitely worth the read.

Fox released the trailer for its Batman-prequel Gotham (which officially got picked up to series today) and oh my god, Ben McKenzie.

Still no premiere date for Season 2 of Gravity Falls, but we now have some promo art. 

Still no premiere date for Season 2 of Gravity Falls, but we now have some promo art