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The best thing about Covert Affairs beside the show itself, of course, are the episode titles. This current season’s episodes are named after Pavement songs. 

Many of the stars from the TV series and subsequent film Veronica Mars will be reprising their roles in the CW Seed web series Play It Again, Dick, which focuses on actor Ryan Hansen and his Dick Casablancas character.

Each of the cast members will play their former Veronica Mars character, as well as a heightened version of their real-life selves. Kristen Bell will return as a version of her private detective lead and Jason Dohring will play bad boy Logan Echolls. Enrico Colantoni will be back as Keith Mars and Percy Daggs III can be seen as Wallace, one of Veronica’s best friends and her partner. Daran Norris, Francis Capra, Chris Lowell and Ken Marino will also return.

“The web series will have more in common with ‘Party Down’ tonally,” Thomas told Hitflix, referencing  the Starz comedy he worked on with Hansen after the “Mars” series wrapped, “but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current Veronica Mars heat to get his own series on the air.” (via)

Play It Again, Dick will premiere Sept. 15 on the CW Seed. The series will have eight episodes. (via)

The Wonder Years: An Oral History

Fred Savage: One of the big things that The Wonder Years did so well is that the whole show was kind of looking back. So there was a very real sense of perspective and wisdom that came with a lot of the narration of looking back on these moments in your life. But at the same time, they still did it with an eye on how kids would genuinely respond in those scenarios. So a lot of the nostalgia of it or the wistfulness that the narrator had looking back was kind of lost on me a little bit. But what I responded to was just how real the situations felt, and how the kids reacted in a very real manner. It felt very honest to me. But the “Oh, you’ll appreciate this so much when you’re older” and “Oh, this was such a magical time that you’ll never quite get a chance to relive again,” I mean, kids don’t respond to that. I didn’t really get the significance of that, and the characters certainly didn’t. And no one really does, which is why that time is so special. Because you don’treally realize how magical it is until it’s gone, until you’re old enough to appreciate it. So a lot of the wisdom that the narrator looked back with didn’t resonate with me just because I was kind of living those years as opposed to looking back at them and marveling at them. So I feel like my reactions to the scenes as they were written and to the material as we were shooting it was very much in step with the normal kind of reactions that a regular 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-year-old boy, how he would react. I didn’t see the wisdom of the narration until much later, obviously.

Season 1 Episode 9: The first time we hear of The Others.

These days, a new show has to use every tool in its arsenal to attract viewers as quickly as possible: splashy advertising, big name guest stars, over-the-top promos, and of course, a blockbuster web presence, one that gathers fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr who will then faithfully promote the show with homemade image macros and clever hashtags born from love. But while a show might leave our airwaves, a Facebook fan page is forever. What becomes of the social media accounts of canceled shows? Sad things, it turns out.

The Social Media Graveyard of Canceled Comedies | Splitsider

Here’s a great and interesting examination of the social media accounts of canceled television shows.

Last summer, we had the silly idea to throw a party for The O.C. and couldn’t believe people actually showed up. We ended up throwing TV parties every month (and I still can’t believe people actually show up) and this August, we’re going right back where we started from. Come join us for The O.C. party 2.0!

As always, we’ll watch a few episodes while playing drinking games, host trivia with prizes, listen to all the great soundtracks, and other stuff! Wear wifebeaters, boo Marissa, and be conflicted about whether you want Sandy Cohen as your father or your boyfriend.

Only $5! Get your tickets here!

Friday August 15, 8 PM
Videology Bar
508 Bedford Ave. 
Brooklyn, NY

Mystery Girls is a show that exists and it’s biggest crime is that there have been absolutely no Beverly Hills 90210 jokes.

Remember when Sun came through the trees and was all like, “I need to talk to you.” in English and you were all like [Michael’s reaction pictured above].

Season 1 Episode 3: The first time Sawyer calls Kate ‘Freckles’.

We know it’s a month into summer, but we are just getting around to starting our Summer TV Club. We had fun watching The O.C. last summer until we got bored or busy or drunk or something to finish and this summer will probably be no different. For the last six weeks or so of summer join us in rewatching ABC’s Lost. Lost premiered 10 years ago on September 22, 2004. Can you believe it’s been that long? It’s all on Netflix so it should be relatively easy viewing for most. We’ll be posting all our favorite moments, commentary, articles, guest posts (if you have something you’d like to share get at us), drinking games, and more.

Remember when Jack first saw Kate and you knew they were MTB. Shannon was still sun tanning near the plane wreckage, before she and Sayid became an item. Boone was still alive. You didn’t know the Tailies or the Others or the Smoke Monster. Walt was still a little boy. Remember when you first heard Sun speak English and how you’re still not over that final scene in the submarine (I am not over that). Was Kate & Jack your favorite couple or was it Kate & Sawyer or maybe was it Juliet & Sawyer? Did you hate or love the ending? Will we even make it that far in our rewatch? I’m barely even scraping the surface here, so it was inevitable that we had to go back.

Tell us your favorite moments on Twitter or Facebook, tag your posts Summer TV Club, comment, email, or whatever you feel like doing - which could be nothing at all, that’s cool too.