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TBH I think Stan was robbed a few percent.

The Comeback Trailer

The Comeback comes back Sunday, November 9th at 10PM on HBO.


TV Hangover is celebrating Halloween with a night dedicated to The X-Files! Spoopy! Creppy! Come join us, THIS FRIDAY, as we watch our favorite episodes while playing drinking games, scream in frustration every time Mulder + Scully don’t kiss, and host a few rounds of trivia where you can win free drinks! Only $5! 

Let us know which episodes you want to watch — even if you can’t attend — because we are having the hardest time deciding. Home? Bad Blood? Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose? Jose Chung’s From Outer Space? Drive? Pusher? There are too many!

Get your tickets now!! and RSVP to the Facebook event!!

Friday, October 17 at 8 PM
Videology Bar
508 Bedford Ave. 
Brooklyn, NY 

Let’s talk about the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show and it’s very clear homage to Zodiac. Both scenes pictured above take place at a lake. There are two young people having a picnic and getting a little frisky and then out of nowhere pops up this looming figure. The best part about this looming figure in both the film and TV show is that the Zodiac Killer, or well the prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen, and Twisty the Clown are played by the same actor John Carroll Lynch. It was a beautifully grotesque hat tip to the David Fincher film and serial killer.

Fake Websites from Real Shows: Passion Pairing from The Mysteries of Laura.

Something I learned about myself while watching Gotham is that I don’t really care about Batman. Which is not to say that I think it’s a bad show. It’s probably going to be a very good show! Lots of people will like it and when Fox tries to cancel it because it didn’t catch on with the Non Batman Likers like me, I’m sure you’ll all do something adorably threatening like fill a Fox executive’s office with bats. I don’t know.

The problem with these shows based on things that have their own fandoms is that the show can seem less accessible to those outside of the fandom. If you don’t know already have feelings on the various Batman villains, seeing what they look like as kids doesn’t appeal much to you. I spent most of the pilot trying to piece together a list of bad guys from my knowledge of Batman movies and Happy Meal toys I saw as a kid (A Penguin car! It had an umbrella that spun!)

Gotham is already a solid show but that is not enough these days and it doesn’t stand any chance of success if the Non Batman Likers do not feel included in the joke.

"The one thing about the show is that I feel like it seems like a niche show because it has the word “trans” in the title, but it’s a really relatable family show. It has the potential to be like All in the Family or The Cosby Show in terms of speaking to everybody. I run into a lot of people who say “I’ve watched it with my parents,” or “I’ve watched it over and over again,” I don’t know, I don’t think you have to be trans or queer or Jewish or a feminist. In fact, I think the show works just as well for you if you’re not. It’s really relatable and I’m just excited for people to watch it.” — Jill Soloway on Transparent, a must-watch show that premieres the entire first season this Friday on Amazon.

There was this demand for us to constantly get out and explain things, and we felt like if we denied our audience, if we basically said, “Sorry. The show speaks for itself and we’re not going to talk about the show at all,” that actually would have hurt the show. And so by making ourselves available, ultimately sometimes to criticism as well as praise or questions or anything, we felt that that was in the best interest of the show.


Lost turns 10 in September because life is short and it’s even shorter when you devote six years to watching Lost! On September 27, we’re celebrating all the hours we spent obsessing over smoke monsters, mysterious hatches, and Jack’s tattoos by throwing a 10th anniversary party!

Come join us as watch the pilot and finale episodes, drink some Dharma Initiative beers, play drinking games, host a few rounds of trivia, and then eventually scream about whether or not the finale was worth it. 

Tickets are only $5! Get yours before it sells out!

September 27, 8 PM
Videology Bar
508 Bedford Ave. 
Brooklyn, NY

Reminder! Our Lost party is next Saturday, September 27! Get a ticket!